Go Hawkeyes!

Today is the start of the Hawkeye football season! We're big college football fans here in this house. The NFL? Eh, not so much. But we have some serious black and gold pride here. The boys' Uncle Chic used to play for the Iowa Hawkeyes (where Chikezie and I went to school) and now is on the coaching staff so I guess you can say we have a good reason to watch all of the games besides just having a lot of school spirit. Maybe we feel a little more connected and closer to home. 

Well, we've started the training early. The boys already know who Herky is, have some Hawkeye stuff hanging in their room (even a little blankie to sleep with at night) and can do the "touchdown" sign. We don't have cable right now but I'm working on getting it set up purely for all of the football games we'll be watching over the next few months. I LOVE FALL...and this is why.

ANYWAYS. In honor of the start of the football season I'm sharing the pictures from our tour of the Hawkeye football facilities we got from Uncle Chic when we were back in Iowa. The boys probably didn't care but some day these pictures will mean a lot to them.

In the weight room, ready to do some power lifting.

In the SUPER HOT practice bubble (we were literally in there for like 15 seconds) and with the 2010 Orange Bowl trophy.

In the player lounge and doing some work in Uncle Chic's office.

On the scale in the practice locker room, Isaiah checking out the game locker room and Julian...in the 3 point stance...ready to tackle somebody. (Probably my favorite picture EVER.)

Boys running out of the tunnel the players come out of, and then on the field. It was so hot we were only down there for a few minutes.

And a view of sweet, sweet Kinnick from the press box. 

How 'bout them Hawkeyes?!

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