challenges with two

I've been trying to get the boys outside more often. This seems like, duh, why wouldn't you take your kids outside more? But you guys, it's tricky. I like taking them for walks in the stroller but I want them to get outside and run. They LOVE being outside. They turn into different kids when they're outside. But I have a few problems. 

Number 1, it's a HUGE production to go anywhere. We live on the 2nd floor of our apartment and the boys can't go down stairs yet. So going out in the stroller requires at least 4 trips up and down stairs. And if the boys are awake, there's usually a lot of crying involved when I leave them upstairs on our patio to carry the stroller/everything else down to the bottom of the stairs. I have to shut the front door because I obviously don't trust them by the stairs and then I can hear them crying upstairs. I tried using a baby gate at the front door the other day which seemed to work. Then they could at least see me going down the stairs. They didn't much. 

So there's that. 

Once we get where we're going (usually the complex playground) the main challenge is keeping up with both boys. It's not like we live somewhere with a fence and a yard. Everything is open here. With one kid, you can just follow him around and it's no big deal to go out for walks. With the boys, often times they walk in two different directions. And that's a challenge.

If I can get them focused on one thing they'll stay in the same area. If one boy starts to walk off, I'll ask him to find his brother, which sometimes works. I really just need to work on my own confidence in these situations. I'm still learning to get comfortable with this being super-mobile stage. They're little explorers and are so curious about everything outdoors. Luckily they're at a stage where they're in awe of everything and will just stand frozen, looking at everything.

It's a work in progress. Something that doesn't seem like a big deal but kind of is when you have two.

I managed to get some pics while we were out yesterday:
Isaiah eating, furrowed brows. 

Checking out how this thing works.

And now a photoshoot of Julian:

Isaiah playing with the wood chips:

and looking like a 17 year old:
What the hell? I seriously see a teenager face here. 

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  1. Girl I feel ya! We are temporarily at my SIL...3rd floor walk up. The crying. The stairs. All of it! Ugh! Wish I could take the boys to the park more too but I literally get tired at the thought of it! BuT good for you for doing it, they need those outdoors. I've heard most twin moms say it gets easier when they are about 18 mo...they say but we'll see!