18 month check up and stats

The boys had their 18 month check up today. Chikezie came which was AWESOME. Shots sucked. But it was a little better after I started singing THIS song by Lil John....giving a whole new meaning to the word "shots".  Anyways, we all survived. And the boys are healthy. Except for Julian's damn eczema on his ankles that I now have a prescription for (finally). 

Here are their 18 month stats:

Weight: 27lbs 12oz (53%)
Height: 33 3/4 in (87%)
Head Circ (purely for entertainment purposes): 50cm (96%) LOL His head is SO BIG!

Weight: 29lbs (74%) 
Height: 33 in (75%)
Head Circ (also for entertainment purposes): 49 1/2 cm (93%) 
..a slightly smaller but still enormous head

The boys are a growin'! I knew all this food they eat was going somewhere. Isn't if you take their height x2 when they're 2, you'll get how big they'll be when they're older? If they stay on their current growth patterns Isaiah should end up around 6' and Julian 6'2 when they reach their full height. It's crazy imagining my little babies that big!

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