we're baaaack!

We're home from vacation! I slept so good last night. There's nothing like sleeping in your bed after a long vacation. I went to bed when the boys did at 8 pm, and thanks to a couple of Tylenol PM's I was conked out until the boys woke up a little after 6. Best sleep I've had in forever. 

AND, I came home to an excited husband who missed his family, cleaned the carpet, painted my desk, cleaned the entire house, had the ice maker fixed and cleaned the sheets. Let's give him a round of applause for being so kick ass. 

I want to give a huge super crazy thanks to all of my guest posters while I was gone, and I still have a few more guest posts to share with you (that for some reason didn't post when they were supposed to while I was gone). 

Expect lots of fun vacation pics later on this week! I'm happy to be back!

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