these little things

They came at the most unexpected times, these little things. They came from two very different people who loved each other so much they promised to spend forever together. And those two people, well they were a little scared. How could they possibly care for and provide for not one, but two more lives? But they prepared. They waited, they watched, they grew, they hoped, they learned. 

And then one day they looked back and everything just kind of (and with much effort) turned out better than they'd expected. They had no idea if they were doing it right, but they were putting everything they knew into making sure these little things grew as they should.

These little things with curious eyes and easy smiles.

These little things that reflected you in every movement, every noise.

These little things that radiated pure and magical joy at the smallest and most seemingly insignificant daily happenings.

These little things that from the beginning, managed to change in what felt like a slow motion blink of the eye. 

These little things that radiated this unbridled and adventurous spirit that maybe we'd once lost. These little things that reminded us of what is right in this world. 

These little things that gave this confusing and changing life a renewed meaning. 

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