swappin' business

Here's the deal you guys. I want to get noticed. I want you guys to get noticed. But I really don't feel like charging people money for it. Maybe someday but right now, that's not how I roll.

I mean come on, who am I? 

So here's the deal, here's why it'd be worth it to swap ads with me this month:
522 followers through Google Friend Connect
660 subscribers to my feed
409 twitter followers
264 "likes" on Facebook
and so on and so forth

AND if you read this blog you know I post all the time. a.k.a. lots of chances for people to see your link. 

If you want to swap ads with me in the month of September here's what I need from you:
  • a 150x150 button or image I can use for a button
  • a little ditty about yourself. keep it short.
  • a picture of YOU. 
  • any links you want me to share with people
Send these things to me now. That's all I require. You don't need a certain number of followers. You don't need to pay me any dollars. Well, you do need to put my button up on your blog but that's it.

Kind of a good deal. Email me, yo.

mamamandolin [at] gmail [dot] com

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