stage 5 clingers

Dudes are extra clingy the past couple of days. Especially Julian. Separation anxiety? They haven't ever been like this. Constantly wanting me to hold them. So, today has been a day full of love and cuddles. I really don't mind it...except for when the love and cuddles got to the annoying, please let me go five steps, for the love of bejesus stop crying - stage. Then it was nap time. And what does a mom do when she's tired and the kids are asleep?

She does a mason-jar bong of coffee and blacks out while creating yet another blog banner. Don't you do that? I didn't really black out but I feel like I blinked and all of a sudden it was 3pm. And I found myself changing the blog design yet again. Don't worry. I'm done. I don't have time for this shizzy anymore .

Anyways. Enjoy that picture of the boys. I can't find the cord for our camera (since Chikezie decided to rearrange our entire living room while I was gone last night). What's with all this change? Sheesh. 

Now I must go. I'm being pinched by tiny fingers. It feels AWESOME. 

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