new hairs.

I have bloggers block today. I have so much going through my brain, so many ideas that I can't focus at the moment. I've gotten out my trusty notepad to help sort out the jumbles in my brain. I know today is Monday which is usually Mondays Are Awesome - but don't worry, the feature will be kicking off again next Monday with a line up of awesome girls for ya'll to read about.

So, while I figure out how to organize this cluttered brain of mine, I'll show you a few pictures of my new hair. Mastercuts had a package yesterday for $59 you get a cut, 7 foil highlights (although I only had 3), eyebrow wax, shampoo and blow dry. I figured I'd take that deal because I needed my eyebrows done and a trim anyways. 

I decided to go a little funky and get some honey colored chunks in the font of my hair. 

She cut it a little funky giving it like a million layers. I'm not sure about it yet. The front is feathered kind of around my face. It looks good on long hair but not when my hair is still above my shoulders. She said it will grow out nicely, but right now I'm not so sure about it. I'm so used to having a bob or an angled cut that is longer in the front. Looks like it'll be in a ponytail for awhile. 

Good thing Isaiah doesn't mind.

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