Iowa Vacation Part 1

This is what a 2 week summer vacation to Iowa looks like, about a week and a half in.

Isaiah on the plane. We sat in the plane for 1 1/2 hrs before taking off because of a stalled engine and a maintenance check. And then a 3 hour flight. We survived.

Isaiah in red, Julian in orange. Sitting in their new little dude sized chairs in Grandpa Andy's front yard. They're still figuring how to back up to sit down in them. 

Sending emails to daddy.

Swinging in the Mapleton park. Julian has developed a new "dead hang" style of swinging.

Throwing wood chips at each other and then chasing each other around at Great Grandma Uhl's house.

Conversations about quantum physics with Grandpa Andy.

Climbing on, standing and not holding on to completely unstable surfaces. 

Looking crazy cute, ballin' in some shades, and forehead kisses for mama.

Dumping an entire package of butterscotch chips all down Grandpa Andy's hall and then trying to down them while Uncle Josh and Uncle Bryce frantically try to pick them up...before neat freak Grandpa gets home and has a heart attack.
(I've never laughed so hard)

Julian's newfound love for tomatoes fresh from Grandma Julie's garden.

Julian's new obsession with anything with wheels. (Which Grandma Julie says is just like his daddy used to be)

My trip to Iowa City for some Panchero's (THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER CREATED), a quick stop in front of the bar where all the magic started, and a little walk around my favorite campus. 

We have had SO MUCH FUN so far, and with only a little less than a week, we still have MANY more adventures waiting before we're back home to see Chikezie. I sure miss his silly face and I know the boys do, too.

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