i keeps it realz

Reading blogs can be very decieving. We tend to not see past what is posted and what those writers care to share with us. We see the image presented to us and not always what life is really like for a lot of our favorite bloggers. We build up this image in our minds of all of these other women around the country who seem to do it all with ease. They look good, manage their time well, have killer style, are madly in love with their significant others, do all of these fun things, have perfectly decorated houses, etc. 

This blog is different. I'm different. 

Now, I may not complain about every little thing that may or may not be troubling my life. I may or may not let you know about the days the boys really annoy the heck out of me (I love them but they can be really annoying sometimes). You may see me looking all pretty and done up but most days I'm looking like this:

Glasses. No make up. Pony tail. My daily uniform.

I just wanted to give you all (and myself) a little reminder on how we keeps it realz. How do I make it through the day with twins? I'm being 100% honest here: most days it's not that tough. How do I find the time to blog? When they're sleeping. How do I keep my house clean? Very quickly, and with lists. How do I find time to make things and be creative? I make time. 

On days that maybe aren't my best, I constantly force myself to be reminded of my many blessings. This blog truly is a reflection of myself; someone who constantly notices and appreciates and dances in the tiny joys in life. On days I feel like my blog feels more like work than like fun, I fix it. I love you all, but I'm not writing anything on this blog to please you. I'm writing and posting for purely selfish reasons. Because I enjoy it. You won't ever see me asking what you want to see more of because I'm going to write what I want to weather or not people like it. 

The second you start trying to present yourself in a certain way and start writing for others, your blog becomes something different. I encourage you all to do regular "real checks" on your blog. Are you writing for yourself or for what you think others want? The blogs I read the most are the ones where the writers behind the posts reveal themselves. You don't have to dig up your biggest and darkest secrets but  being real truly does matter.

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