I didn't go to Blog Her...BUUUUT

I got to meet a bunch of sweet ladies in San Diego on Wednesday night. I made a trip down there to have some dinner with the ladies in the blogging world I admire. A little bit of wine, a lot of laughter and a crap load of bloggers = super fun evening. And has convinced me I'm going to work my hiney off to go to Blog Her next year. I hear it's in NYC. I can handle that.

 I was too busy having fun to remember to take a bunch of pictures, but I got a few.

The view from the hotel. San Diego, I heart your face parts.

A crap load of bloggers, waiting in an echoey lobby. 

Stalking the mayor of Cutetown. Chelsey, I kind of love you more than I originally loved you. And I enjoyed our grope sesh thoroughly. 

Pretty much the whole gang after dinner. Tired, patiently waiting our checks that took 80 years to get, and STILL smiling. A lot of these ladies are champs for even being awake at that point.

Here's the run down of all the new peeps I met:
Molly from A Day in Mollywood
Jill from Baby Rabies
Chelsey from The Paper Mama
Stephanie from Mrs. Stephanie T
Beth Anne from Heir to Blair
Erica from....wait what? She was supposed to ad me on twitter and I don't see her. Well she's from somewhere. And is pretty awesome. First person to tell me gets a high five.

And there were more. These girls are awesome. I had such a fun time and wish I could have had some more wine.  And a couple of the girls actually knew who I was or had heard of my blog or passed it at some point. Felt good that someone knew who I was at least LOL. Someday I'll have a big girl blog. And all of these girls were really inspiring to keep working and learning more.

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