Guest Post: Rachael from Letters to Ames

Today's guest post is from a fellow twin mama who, honestly, I don't know how she does it all. With twin girls, 3 boys, a hubby and a job...I get tired even thinking about it! But she rocks it. Hard. And I'm so excited for her to be here today!

Like most girls growing up, I used to play house and plan out my future family. I'm sure I threw a set of twins into my fantasy once or twice. I even had an imaginary twin named "Ankie." She was with me for a few years, until my dad ran her over with our minivan.

But then it really was twins - twin girls, growing in my belly, right there on the ultrasound at twenty weeks. I couldn't put this away or run it over with a minivan (I guess I technically could, know). Needless to say, I was in shock. Surely this would be so much harder, so much more different, so much less fun.

The sisters are almost four months now, and we're having a blast. Some things are pretty overwhelming and tough. Like getting them into and out of the car in the 100-degree Carolina humidity. Or getting them both latched on when I'm by myself and they're hungry at the same time. But a lot of things are shockingly easier this time around. They each only take ten minutes to eat, so we're not constantly feeding babies. They're smiling and even starting to laugh, a refreshing development that's come easily & quickly. They are laid-back, content to be propped up on the couch so they can gaze at their three big brothers wrestling before dinner.

The only potentially negative thing I've encountered since becoming a momma to twins has to do with quality time. I feel guilty if I lie on the bed for too long with one girl after nursing. I think to myself, she needs to be burped, she needs to be changed, and she needs to go to Daddy or a big brother so I can feed the other one in a timely manner! But lately, I've thrown schedules to the wind and allowed myself to soak up the sweet moments with the sisters as individuals. Turns out, they do just fine with it. And that newborn baby smell? It's like fuel. Time to fill up!

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