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Thanks so much for visiting us today, Nicole!

hey mama and the dudes readers
im nicole 
and, i blog over at bean.

i entered this blog world shortly after my son was born. like most "mommy" bloggers it was my attempt at keeping distant family and friends updated... and recently has became so much more. my blog is essentially my digital scrapbook; a way to document the crazy things my children do memories. as an added bonus, i have connected with some incredible women... sharing our trials, tribulations, secrets and advice all via blog. i love being able to pretend like we know what we're doing share in this journey of parenting with one another. 
i am a mom to a teenager and a toddlerat. the. same. time. 

the looks on peoples faces when i tell them that is priceless - and before you even ask, no i do not have any in between. its interesting, to say the least. turns out... they have alot in common. so all you toddler havers out there... rest assured... you have already mastered the skills needed to parent a teenager. now dont you feel better? 

"little children = headache; big children = heartache"
they are both picky eating, temper tantrum throwing, attention seeking, easily distracted, moody, independent, curious, selective hearing, children who are typically learning {or in the teenagers case re-learning} the same lessons. things like look both ways before you cross the street {toddler on foot, teenager in car}... bet you didnt think you were EVER gonna have to do that again, right? 

the only difference.... the toddler still thinks mom is amazing and perfect - even if i took away the bubbles. 

i've learned a few things along the way: earplugs are a good investment. keep your gym membership and purse - you will need the energy and endurance to keep up with them and if all else fails, your purse can double as a weapon. public temper tantrum throwing is ok - and yes it is legit to lay down, kick and scream alongside them. the five second rule is totally valid. totally. those car crocks grandma bought cannot be hidden, no matter how hard you try. teenage boys will be the death of you - invest in a be-be gun or a solid bat. wrinkles and dark circles are considered free accessories. 

but who am i to complain, mandey has two toddlers..... two. i'll send her my earplugs.

oh... and.... both of my children have my whole heart regardless of their age... and i would do absolutely anything for them. yes, even wipe poop and claim the title taxi driver with pleasure - after all one day they will have to return the favor, right? 

so thats that. my blog is an assortment of stories that i will use as leverage so my children will always know just how how horrible amazing i was. stop by. say hi. stay a while....

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