Guest Post: Maryam from Milk-Friendly

Today's guest post is from Maryam from Milk-Friendly. I love her blog and although I didn't breastfeed for long, I'm a huge supporter and will go in with lots of lessons learned if we ever have another baby. Thank you so much Maryam for posting!

Say hi to Maryam!
Hey peeps it's Maryam here, from Milk-Friendly. Mandey asked me if I'd do a little post for you, and I am so honored to pay you all a visit :) On my blog, I share how to keep your sense of style while your breastfeeding. Here's a post a did about dressing for a wedding. I hope you like it...

------ Wedding season is here and us breastfeeding moms have the extra feat of finding a dress that you can easily nurse in (and still look darn good doing it.)
The Splits Dress, $68
This my friend, is not the time to sacrifice "milk-friendliness" for that seemingly perfect dress. Trust me, the last thing you want, is to be fumbling around, trying to figure out a way to feed the baby before you have to run to the janitor's closet and strip down to nothing (true story). It's actually really simple. Just keep to strapless or halter top dresses. (Also, find yourself a bandeau bra you love. Need bandeau ideas? Go here.) You could even throw some front-zip, button-up or one-shoulder dresses in the mix if they work too. But for the sake of this post, I'll stick to strapless and halters.
{Some lovely strapless numbas.}
Endless Eyelets Dress, $27.80
Amanda Uprichard Silk Maxi, $242
Miami Bound Dress, $88
Vokka Dress, $328
Sky Stories Dress, $168
Julie Dillon Strapless Maxi Dress, $248
{And then some halter ensembles}
Tiered Chiffon Dress, $68
JS Collections Halter, $198
Halter Maxi Bra Top Dress, $49.99
McGinn "Elle" Floral Print Halter Dress, $295
Spinning Lights Dress, $188
Here's the complete styleboard. Don't forget, you can use your fav. scarf for a nursing cover.
NECKLACE $24. DRESS $158. CLUTCH $58. BANDEAU $28. SCARF $29.90. RING $20. SANDALS $98.
So what about you, have you had any horror stories with wardrobe mal-functions? Or have a favorite "milk-friendly" dress you wore to a wedding? Please do share!!

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