Guest Post: Chelsea from The Curly Cues

Hi, I'm Chelsea from The Curly Cues
and this is my favorite daughter Lily:
{She's my only kid, but still my favorite}
I am so excited to post on the lovely Mandey’s blog. She is hilarious and I assume that all of her subscribers or completely awesome. I suppose I should know, seeing as I am one of them. Mandey told me I could write about anything, which is pretty dangerous if you ask me. What if I came on here and wrote an entire post about how I like to dress up as Freddy Krueger and scare the crap out of the kids on my street? I don’t do that, but it does sound pretty funny. 
Since Mandey is off traveling with two (TWO!) babies, I thought I would come here and give my number one tip for traveling with kids. 
Here it is: Do NOT bring a 4 month old to Vegas.
Last September a dear friend of mine got married in Vegas. Not like the Elvis marries you kind of Vegas, but the beautiful resort 30 min from the strip sort of Vegas. This particular friend had caused me to burst into tears just by showing up at my wedding three years ago, so I really wanted to return the favor. Turns out, she wasn’t the one who cried.
The flight down was fairly uneventful, I think she slept most of the way. 
{This will be easy as pie!}
It really wasn’t until the first night that things got bad. I think Vegas hotels (at least the cheapy hotel we chose) are not use to having infants and therefore had a SUPER sketchy “crib”. I put crib in quotes here because it was really more like one of those lion cages pulled as the caboose of a traveling circus:
 {But with less lion and more crying baby}
Every time we got her in the crib one of her little arms would flail out and (CLANG!) hit a cold metal bar. Who can sleep like that? I think the first night Ryan slept in a chair holding her. The second night we ended up putting her in our bed. She managed to turn completely perpendicular to us (I got her head and Ryan got her toes). This is when I figured out that we could never co-sleep. SHE WAS SO CUTE! I couldn’t sleep, I just stared at her the whole night trying not to move so I wouldn’t wake her.   
{Auntie Lulu, I slept in the big bed!}
Naps were completely out the window. I wore her in the ergo most of the day and she would snooze here and there, but we were sweaty and there were weird day-drunk people yelling everywhere. The best nap she took was when we spent an hour in the air-conditioned Forum Shops (I may have had a glass of wine while we walked around. When in Vegas!).
The wedding itself was beautiful. 
The whole time I just kept telling myself, it was worth it to be here for my friend. Unfortunately Lily decided she needed to yell as soon as the ceremony started. Not crying, not unhappy, just felt like yelling. So she and I watched the beautiful ceremony from behind glass doors. 
 {I think I'll start}
{Ergo baby and ruffly skirt shadow}
I may have also spent all of dinner and part of the dancing time…nursing in the bathroom. 
 {Don't we look like we are having a great time?}
{Here Lily, this will help you sleep}
We left early hoping Lily would get some sleep in the car, but the poor kid was so exhausted she just cried the whole way home. 
Needless to say, the three of us looked way worse than all of the hungover people boarding the plane the next morning. Lily was fussy so I kept nursing her to try to get her to sleep. After awhile she stopped nursing, sat up aaaaaaand threw up all over me. It was her way of saying “enough milk mama!” 30 seconds later she pooped so I headed back to the bathroom to clean us both up. I don’t know if any of you have used the changing table in an airplane bathroom, but it is not comfortable and this one was kind of slanted. Lily screamed bloody murder the entire time I was changing her, which ended up being about 15 minutes because as I was changing the poopy diaper, she peed. Remember how I said the table was slanted? Yes. All of the contents of her diaper now ran up the table and into her hair. The poor kid was covered with every kind of bodily fluid she had. (too gross?) I think I used an entire package of wipes. It was EVERYWHERE! After what felt like 5 hours (with Lily screaming the whole time) I exited the bathroom with a clean(ish) Lily. The flight attendant said “I heard you in there!” all smiley. She is lucky I was holding a baby. When I told Ryan what happened he said one day it would be funny, and I have to admit, it is getting there.
{So. Very. Exhausted.}
After all the excitement, Lily finally passed out as we landed. When we got home she and Ryan both took a 3 hour nap and I soaked off the remainders of the weekend in a long hot bath.

I try to live my life with no regrets. Everything we experience gets us to where we are now. Part of me thinks we should have just stayed home and skipped this particular wedding, but hey, then I would be here right now telling you this story.

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