Guest Post: Becky from This Road Called Vida

Today's guest post is from the absolutely gorgeous (and even cuter pregnant) Becky from This Road Called Vida. I'm so happy to introduce her to you all!

Hey all! 

A BIG thank you to Mandey for having me here today. (Isn’t she one of the coolest moms in the blog world?! And aren’t her "dudes" way beyond Uhdorable?!)

I’ll be having my own little dudette in less than a month (I hope!) and my world is about to change forever. Actually, it’s pretty safe to say that my world began to drastically change last November. 
I went from:
 {Our wedding rehearsal dinner: November 19th, 2010}

 {Hangout session in San Francisco, last month.}

And most recently I feel like this:

I had been smiling just a few seconds before my husband snapped this shot. Then, the Braxton Hicks loveliness settled into my abdomen and the smile faded. I think it's a great shot because it captures exactly how I've felt within these last few days: like a ton of trash. 

My husband (Jon) and I got married on November 20th of last year. Fast forward about 2 months and we were expecting our very first baby. Fast forward 7 months and you have me at 35 weeks pregnant, trying to enjoy my favorite thing to eat lately: a cheeseburger with fries (yum!) but not being able to finish it all because my uterus was too busy contracting. 
Thanks a lot, Uterus. 

On my own time and on my own blog (This Road Called Vida) I gripe about pregnancy as much as I can, while trying not to make my reader friends wanna pull their hair out. 

However, since this is not my blog, I'll be a lot more pleasant and say that pregnancy is bliss! It's the most blissful thing you could ever experience in your life. Who cares about the nausea and the emotional roller coaster rides and the random leg/butt cramps and the heartburn and the. . . well, you get the point. I can tell you who cares: I care! . . . and so does my husband. He wants his real wife back, I'm sure. He's just nice enough not to tell me so all the time. He knows that if he did tell me so, I'd burst into tears and he'd end up having to console me. So, he spares me (and himself) the drama and just does his best to deal with this crazy lady a.k.a pregnant me. 

In all seriousness, I'm grateful to be carrying my very first child in my womb. And when I find myself complaining a little too much, I stop and remember that there are plenty of other women out there (Mandey and maybe even you) who've carried multiples in their womb. That alone keeps me in check and helps me to maintain a healthy perspective. If you ladies can handle that kind of pressure, then surely I can handle just one itty bitty baby! 

So, I'd like to give a big shout out to all of you unknown mamas who have carried & loved & cared for a bebe or two, or three. (How are you still alive?!?!) You deserve all the credit in the world for surviving and doing such a great job. I will draw inspiration from you all and press through these next few weeks with a big smile on my heart and a groan on my lips. Lets be real-   no matter how anyone puts it, I have nothing but discomfort awaiting me. . . but I know, I know: it'll all be worth it in the end!

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