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Hi! I’m Amanda, the momma behind Pretty Little Life blog! I’m excited to be guest posting here today…..and while I’m surely not as entertaining as Mandey, I’ll try to tide you over for one more day until she gets back from her vacation!

Some days, I feel like I should have named my blog “on-the-go-momma”. I mean, we are on the go so much that I often feel like I live out of my car! My car is actually one thing I can’t live without as an on-the-go-momma, but there are many other items that I’ve found to be quite handy when my daughter and I are out and about. I want to share this list of cool, useful baby products that have made the last 18 months of my life (and my daughter’s) a heck of a lot easier. This list is absolutely not complete, but it also doesn’t contain “cluttery” items (you know, the ones that just take up space in the diaper bag, but aren’t really ever useful).

So, here we go. And, feel free to add to this list by leaving a comment! I’d love to hear what items other moms find useful when they are on-the-go.

I don’t care if you are toting a newborn to the grocery store, or your toddler to Target, food is a must! I never leave the house without some sort of snack, and I’ve found some pretty cool tools to tote these snacks around in. Here are my favorites:

This snack dispenser actually grows with your child. I have three of these little containers, and I’ve used them a ton! For the first 12 months of my daughter’s life, these were used to prepare her bottles! I would load up each section with enough formula for one bottle, and take it with us everywhere! Now, with a feisty toddler on my hands, I load it with snacks and leave it in my purse or car.

This spoon is amazing! I was speechless when I first discovered it! I couldn’t believe how easy and simple it was……but it also saves lots of room in the diaper bag. This spoon allowed me to still make my own baby food purees, load them in the spoon, and toss them in the diaper bag! I will be buying one of these for every baby shower that I attend from now on!

I actually just found these handy, reusable snack bags about a week ago. And, I’m in love! I try to be “green”, and products like this make it SO easy! You can use these to carry almost anything that you would put in a Ziploc bag, but they are easy to clean, waterproof, and reusable!

Getting around
So you’ve gotten safely to your destination, and the food-monster has been fed. What’s the easiest way to get everything done?! You need a way to get around with your little one. My husband used to tell me that we wouldn’t need carriers or strollers to go out once our daughter was walking. Um, wrong! Carriers and strollers are useful well past your baby’s first year. These two items are at the top of my list.

I can’t say enough good things about the Ergo carrier. I’m not trying to advertise for them or anything, but they are well worth the money. I’ve tried many different carriers, and this is the most comfortable for each stage my daughter goes through. We still use ours frequently, and I love that she is close to me, and my hands are free!

A travel system can be really bulky, but it’s what got me through the busy first six months of my daughter’s life. I think using a travel system is one of the easiest ways to be out and about with an infant. The carseat easily transfers from the car to the stroller. And having a bigger stroller like this one comes in handy for storing the diaper bag, and anything else you pick up on your adventures.

 In a Pinch
I’m a known “over-packer”. I’m the lady who’s diaper bag is busting at the seams because I’ve packed enough diapers, food, and clothes to last my child (and myself) an entire week. I may go a little overboard at times with packing a bag just to leave the house for a few hours. But, I am often the mom that other moms turn to when they are caught without a much-needed item. You can never be too prepared! So here are some items that I’ve found to be super helpful in a pinch…..some items and tips that you might not otherwise think of.
This car organizer not only protects your seat from car-seat damage and kicking feet, but it also makes room for some items that you should always keep in your car. In my back seat, you will always find the following: diapers (at least two), wipes, hand sanitizer, an extra set of clothes, a bottle of water, and a non-perishable snack. Yes, this might be overkill. But, I’ve never been caught in a sticky situation when my car was fully stocked. (and yes, even if I packed these items in my diaper bag, I still keep my car loaded with them, as well)

And now that we’re potty-training, I wouldn’t be caught out-and-about without a potty chair! I’m teaching my daughter to use public restrooms, but sometimes you just can’t get to one fast enough. I keep this potty chair in the trunk of my car almost every time we leave the house. If we’re not near a bathroom, I open up my trunk and we take care of business there. Of course I try to be discreet, but sometimes this is the only way. What you do with the potty after it’s been used is up to you, hehe! I keep some old towels (and of course a change of clothes) in my trunk, as well, because you just never know what you’re going to need!
A wet bag is a cloth-diapering-momma’s best friend. But did you know that wet bags aren’t just for storing dirty diapers? I like to keep a wet bag in the car and/or diaper bag because they can be used in so many different situations. Yes, they can hold cloth diapers. They can also hold stinky clothes in case of blow-outs, wet bathing suits, and soiled pants during potty-training mishaps. I could find a million more reasons to keep a wet bag handy. You could use plastic bags as well, but I like the fact that wet bags can be washed and reused.

So, these are my must-have items as an on-the-go-momma. They’ve saved me many times, and made life on the go that much easier for me. Are you an on-the-go-momma? What are some of your must-haves?

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