get this show on the road

We've been getting a little desperate lately:

I took all the cushions off of the couch, brought out all of our pillows, laid down a huge blanket and we played on the couch all day. We've done this a few times in the last week because our toys are starting to get boring. 

This vacation to Iowa will be a nice break from our normal boring lives. And by the time it's over I'm sure I'll be begging to sleep in my bed again and have our lives back to this normal and boring routine. 

Today, our last day at home, will be a day full of packing (which I've barely started). And praying that the boys act like stinking angels on the flight. And hugging and loving on Daddy for a little while longer before we don't get to see him for two weeks. What is he going to do for 2 weeks in this quiet house??? (*cough* uninterrupted video game marathon)

I have a TON of amazing guest posts lined up for while we're gone. I'm sure I'll check in here and there over our vacation! Wish us luck! 

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