we're baaaack

Let's talk about how tiring a vacation is once you have kids. Even if it's only a couple hours away for a couple of nights...I. AM. EXHAUSTED. My eyes are hardly open right now so pardon any spelling errors. Chikezie's brother and girlfriend came to visit us from last Friday through Tuesday. On Sunday we all drove up to Santa Barbara and met up with Chikezie's two sisters, one who is doing an internship near San Francisco for the summer and the other who flew in from Florida. 

We took over 500 pictures. Well, Chikeize took a lot because I was really busy with the boys/all their stuff the whole time. And I'll edit some. But not right now. I don't even have a preview for you because that's how tired I am. 

I just wanted to let you guys know I'm around. Trying to get our lives back to a little bit of a routine. And trying to edit a billion photos. But we're back, and loving live. We really needed that vacation.

Hope you all had an awesome holiday!

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