summer vacation part 1

We did so much in Santa Barbara on our little vacation there. And we took so many pictures. I'll be dividing them all up to make it all a little bit less of a jumble of photos. I forgot about some of the stuff we did on the first day because we were so busy the whole time. 

How did the boys do? AMAZING. Seriously. They slept for half of the 4 hour car ride there. (We were stuck in traffic for a long time.) We took our co-sleeper and got a crib at the hotel for them to sleep in. Both nights we rocked them in our arms for a couple of minutes, laid them in their beds and went next door (we had two rooms with an ajoining balcony) to hang out while they fell asleep. They slept all night both nights. There were no real moments of fussiness, when they were tired, they fell asleep. For their first real vacation away from home (I'm not counting Christmas in Iowa) they did so awesome.

Sleepy Julian on the way to some shopping before we left.

Yep. We faced forward for the trip. Scold me all you want all you perfect moms but it was truly SO much easier than rear facing. Our drive to Santa Barbara was over 1/2 stop and go LA traffic. It was hot out, the boys were squirmy and annoyed. It was so nice to be able to see their faces and hand them snacks and drinks. They could see out and it just made such a difference. 

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe at South Coast Plaza mall on Saturday. The boys did great-even when the creepy gorillas started moving behind us. (That gorilla behind them looks like he wants to eat Chic's head lol) Uncle Chic has Julian, Aunt Ellie is holding Isaiah. 

Isaiah in Uncle Chic's glasses. He's obsessed with sunglasses. 

Getting help with bath time the night before we left. It was nice having helpers. And funny watching them try to get clothes on two strong guys who don't want to sit still. 

Driving through LA, before we actually hit traffic.

Stuck in traffic on our way there. It was a long trip. 

An orchard of some sort as we were at a dead stop on the freeway about 20 minutes from Santa Barbara. On the other side of us was the ocean, so at least we had a nice view.

Look at that pretty ocean. (And really long bridge or pier. I'm not sure what that was.)

We rolled down the windows and let the boys feel the cool ocean wind in their hair. Isaiah looks like he's blowing away lol.

We finally made it to our hotel and to see our Auntie! Julian with Aunt Angel. We haven't seen her since Christmas- he was so excited. The boys love their aunts.

The dudes with their aunties.

View from our hotel. We stayed in Carpentaria and it was just so beautiful there. The entire town was such a sweet little beach town. I loved it there. 

Isaiah being dramatic on our hotel floor. DIRTY hotel floor. After crawling around for awhile the boys' legs were black. So gross but whatever. Can't keep them off the floor. Also, Isaiah has started his tantrum stage. They're still pretty mild but always require rolling around dramatically on the floor. We just laugh because he does this over nothing and can really put on quite the performance!

It was also a nice break from cloth diapers for the weekend. We used disposables and it was nice being able to just throw diapers out when they were full (especially the nasty ones). We might be using them again today because I don't feel like doing any extra laundry. Let's just say my vacation is going a day longer than everyone else. I deserve it.

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