we all know

We all know I'm a flower child. I love flowers. I always have. They're on my body. They have meaning. They're beautiful.  And now I'm finally growing some on my patio. Let's hope the Cali sun doesn't fry them. I planted some on Mother's Day (from seeds) and they're now dust. Let's hope these that are already flourishing plants survive. 

I'd love to grow some vegetables but I just really don't know if I'll be able to keep anything alive on our sauna-like patio. Growing up we had a huge garden next to our house with just about everything in it, even fresh strawberries. We had rhubarb growing somewhere on our farm and in a field across from our pond we had a another huge garden with even more fresh veggies. I miss eating fresh peas straight out of the pod off the vine. 

But for now I'll settle for some pretty flowers that may or may not live to see another week. We shall see.

Zinnias...remind me of my grandma's front porch.

Marigolds. Seriously these things should survive anything. 

Marguerite Daisies. I just love these. So petite and pretty. 

What's growing at your house this summer? 

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