traveling advice needed!

Next month the boys and I will be heading to Iowa for a couple weeks to visit family and so I can be in one of my best friends' wedding. I'll be flying by myself both ways with the boys and since we're flying through Allegiant, it's a single 3-ish hour flight. 

When we went home over the holidays, Chikezie and I flew together there and I stayed longer with the boys and flew back with them by myself. My dad was able to get a gate pass so he was there to help me lug the boys and the infant car seat through security. They also had to check the bottles and baby food we had with us. Plus winter coats/gear, I was sweating by the time we were through. But it was nice having an extra set of hands.

This time will be a little different because I'm flying both ways by myself and we don't have the infant car seat anymore. We'll be needing to take our big boy car seat with us on the plane. I'm HOPING Chikezie will be able to get a gate pass at LAX to help get me through security and keep the boys occupied before we board the plane. But I'm not quite sure how logistically this will all work out.

This is what we'll have at the airport:
  • 1 giant suitcase we'll check
  • a carryon backpack (aka diaper bag)
  • the ergo carrier for me to hold a boy
  • car seat
  • and another boy
Here's what I'm thinking: after we check the big bag, that leaves the car seat, both boys, the backpack and the ergo. I can carry a boy in the ergo, wear the backpack and Chikezie can pull a boy in the car seat with one of these. I'm thinking of getting it because then if I'm left with boys by myself I can handle everyone.

I can tell the extra helpers at the gate that I need someone to help get the car seat on the plane and I can use the carrier/hold the other boy as we board the plane if someone can strap the car seat in for me. And we'll have to wait and be the last ones off of the plane probably so that someone can help unstrap the car seat and get it off of the plane. I think the wheels should store in the overhead compartment. Or somewhere. I don't know.

Anyways. These are all the things I'm trying to think of. This time traveling is a little different because they're bigger and I can't hold the car seat.

  So...if you've traveled with twin toddlers before or two kids around the boy's age, I need some advice or tips you may have!

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