summer vacation part 2

Yesterday I posted part 1 of our vacation you can see HERE.

On the 4th we walked around downtown Santa Barbara, went to the pier and the beach. The dudes did awesome all day in their strollers, not fussing at all. Julian fell asleep briefly but neither boy really took any naps. I was expecting some kind of melt down at some point but not once was there any real crying. 

Somebody caught a crab (it was so gross) and Angel was brave enough to hold it. We were all squealing and squirming when she held it. We were all too chicken to even touch it.

Aunt Angel bought them these sweet hats to keep the sun out of their eyes. We didn't even think about brining anything for them and they usually take hats off. However, amazingly they forgot these were on their heads and left them on all day! It seriously does not get ANY cuter.

The mama and the daddy. This trip was good for us. You know after having kids and being around each other you just start bickering about stupid stuff or get on each others nerves easily? We really needed a break from the norm. We stayed calm with each other the whole trip (even navigating LA traffic) and just had a really good time as husband and wife the whole weekend. I'm so glad he suggested this trip and feel like our love was refreshed a little by the trip. 

As good as it gets! (Why Julian always has this dead look on his face, I'll never know. It kills me.)

Tochi with some sun freckles.

Chic and Ellie. I wish they could have stayed longer. We miss them already.

Chikezie, Answer, Angel and Chigozie. Everyone together at the beach. They all look so coordinating! 

What Isaiah did when I tried to get him to feel the water and sand. Hated it.

Isaiah looking in fear at the ocean. Stupid ocean.

Julian's reaction was pretty much the same. Hated it.


Uncle Chic will make it better.

Even though the boys hated the ocean we had such a good time. And I'm the only one that got sunburnt. Lame. I was so busy getting sun screen on everyone else I forgot the middle part of my back and my forehead. It was pretty bad the day after but I'm better now. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny but with a cool ocean breeze. Couldn't have been any better. 

and then, she {snapped}

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