Steppin' Out Saturday

Yesterday afternoon we walked around the Spectrum mall for awhile and looked for a place to eat....and obviously every place was packed and we didn't feel like waiting forever. We ate dinner at the Red Robin by our house. So exciting. 

It totally looks like I'm neglecting Julian in this photo but I assure you I'm not. He just didn't feel like being held and I didn't feel like getting sweaty trying to hold him.
on Mama:
Earrings: crap I forget. Etsy. Queen Bee Market. I'll figure it out.
Shirt: old school F21 I think. It has pockets and I love it.
Belt: Target
Scarf: me
Jeans: Old Navy
Sandals: Target. When do I not wear these sandals?

On Isaiah (in my arms)
Shirt: Target...maybe
Cargo shorts: Children's Place

On Julian:
Shirt: Nike-TJ Maxx 
Shorts: Old Navy

And I put some braids in my hair. 

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