random updates.

Even though we're still a trio of sickies (Chikezie hasn't caught it...yet) life is still going on as normal. Maybe just a little slower. I've been cleaning and disinfecting everything at a feverish pace hoping to stop our germs from reaching the hubs. Yes, I know it's spread through particles in the air but I feel better when I clean stuff when I'm sick. What I really wish is that the boys knew how to blow their noses. I hate using the nose sucker. It's like a form of torture at this house. I have to hold them down and there's lots of screaming and struggling. But I can get so much out I have to do it at least once a day.

Yesterday I was so over being stuck in the house, I decided to go for a walk when Chikezie got home from work. It turned into a 5 mile jog/walk through the hills around our house. I jogged down the hills and walked up. Or just walked when I was tired. I really just needed to get out and breathe some fresh air. I didn't intend to really push myself but it was quite the hike by the end, I was pretty exhausted. And on top of that even more stuffy than when I started. I might try it again tomorrow night and maybe make it a Tuesday and Thursday routine. Those hills are brutal but the views are nice and it feels good to be out by myself. I haven't been running by myself in a long time, I'm always with the stroller. I felt a little like my pre-pregnancy self last night. The girl who used to run after work in the summers. 

So anyways. That's what's going on lately. Not many updates because we're sick. And it sucks.

Here's a video of us hanging out after dinner tonight, and Julian doing the "touchdown" sign I taught them today. We're getting ready for some Hawkeye football. Julian is walking so much better the past couple of days, and Isaiah is pretty much full time walking now. Here we go!

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