on the subject of hair.

A few days ago I purchased some shampoo and leave in conditioner from the Mixed Chicks line of hair products. Their hair line is made specifically for super curly hair, or "mixed" hair. Mixed kids can have all different types of hair, the type, tightness, coarseness of curls really varies in every kid. They have a line for kids and based on all of the good things I've heard I decided to shell out the money for some good stuff. 

I didn't edit any of these photos because-well, they're not that good. But look at the difference in the boys' hair after using this stuff one time.

Julian. Look at those long front curls! It all looks so shiny and clean. 

Isaiah was in a bad mood. Look at him though. No frizz everywhere.

Chikezie doesn't like it. He likes the frizzy, knotted, just-got-out-of-bed-and-look-like-i-got-electricuted look. And I do like that, too. But there are times their hair needs to look a little less crazy. I don't know why he doesn't like it. Their hair has always been really important to him and I guess I'm really not trying to make it anything that it's not. It won't be a huge afro unless I picked it out. And when it gets long, there really is no guarantee that the curls will be coarse and tight enough to grow outward and not hang down. Because the curls hang down now, especially on Julian. 

Either way. I think they look so cute. And their hair won't be like this everyday, I'm still waiting what it'll look like after they sleep on it. Such a good way to tame the curls and I didn't have to use a come and there were no tears! 

What products do you use on your curly kids' hair?

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