let's swap, yo

Why WOULDN'T you want to swap ads with this next month? I have a bunch of subscribers. I post all the time. And I'm baller status.

And you are probably compelled to write a guest post, too.

Because I'm going on vacation for two weeks. And I want people to still come to my blog but I don't feel like writing a post of my own because I'll be on vacation, you know. So you'll write a guest post about whatever the heck you want to talk about, and then my readers will like it an go to your blog and follow you. And in return, my monthly blog stats won't take a death plunge (because you'll tell YOUR readers to come to my house to see what you wrote), my readers will still be semi entertained, and we'll all be happy and join hands in a continuous line encircling the earth while singing songs about peace and joy while rocking back and forth.

Email me, dawg.

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