how is it friday already?

The holiday really messed up my week days. I feel like today is Tuesday or something. I still have a bunch of pictures to show you from our trip and don't really feel like categorizing or editing any of them. So, I'm just going to throw a bunch of them up here (SOOC) for you to see. Chikezie took a lot of them...he's so good :) 

Isaiah texting his friends. 

A pretty peacock ont he Macy's building that made me think of my bff Christy.

All of the girls.


Isaiah...always pointing.

Isaiah being a ham...and Julian with his usual "dead look" on his face. This kid cracks me up.


Julian clinging for life after I put his feet in the ocean. He was getting sand and water all over me!

Pretty Angel. And I loved her sun glasses.

Boys PASSED OUT for a 30 minute snooze before fire works. They literally fell right to sleep and didn't move the whole time. So cute.

Isaiah's sweaty matted hair after sleeping the whole way home. And sleep spit bubbles. Impressive!

Oh and here are a couple more edited ones that I just love:

Ok I promise you guys don't have to see any more boring pictures from our trip! I swear! 

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