I've always wanted super long hair. I've never had the discipline or patience to let it grow out. I have a ton of hair. It's not thick, but there's a lot. And every time I grow it long eventually it really starts to bother me because it's so hot. And it's always up in a pony tail. And then I chop it off and once again wish it was long.

Around the time I got pregnant, my hair was long:
This is long for me.
(with my friend Amy at an I Cubs baseball game) 

I chopped it all off again once I was pregnant because it was so hot. I should have just let it keep growing because during my pregnancy it grew so fast. And now I'm stuck back at the awkward flip out at the shoulders length. BUT...I'm determined to really let it grow this time. And to help me out a little bit I bought some Jessica Simpson Hair-Do extensions to give me the feel of long hair and the motivation to keep it growing.

They match may hair pretty well. I got them at a local beauty supply store, $30 for a pack of 5 clip in extensions. 3 wider ones that cover about half of my head and 2 smaller ones that you place closer to the front. I bought 2 packs hoping it would give me some realistic fullness but it still wasn't quite enough. I think maybe if I had someone to blend them in a little better they'd look more realistic. I may find a hair stylist to help me with that. They look fine in the picture but in non-computer lighting you can tell in the back it's like my short hair, and then long hair underneath. It really just needs some layers.

These extensions are synthetic but feel really smooth and don't look glossy and fake. You know, like a wig. And even though they're synthetic, these are a new line that are actually able to be heat styled. If you use a low setting they can be curled or straightened. I haven't done either yet because I'm nervous of ruining them! 

And even though I'm not ready to wear them down, they sure do look good in a ponytail:
I'm tempted to wear them for a wedding I'm in next month. I'm thinking it may give me some more options for hair styles because here are some ideas I'm thinking of that may require long hair:

Now my hair just needs to keep growing....

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