gettin' pretty tutorial

I'm not much of a girly girl. I don't wear a ton of heavy makeup. I'd rather look like I'm not wearing much. Some people really look good with thick eyeliner, lots of eye shadow, crazy wild lipstick, etc on a regular basis but I just don't feel comfortable that way. 

I feel most comfortable looking the most like the natural me as I can. I feel like I'm not hiding behind makeup and that there are no reals surprises when people see me without it. (I know some women who cake it on but really look most beautiful without all of it!)

I find it interesting to learn everyone's routine. We all have our own way of doing our makeup based on things we've read, what our moms taught us when we were little. This is what I've developed for myself and what seems to work. 

And it takes about 5 minutes.
(Click on images for a closer look)

STEP 1: Concealer. Use a shade lighter than my skin. It also helps cover up red spots and zits that aren't camouflaged by my freckles.

STEP 2: Mineral Foundation. I love powdered mineral foundation. This brand is super light and I don't feel like I have something caked all over my face. I hate the feeling of foundation. I feel greasy and dirty for some reason. This helps give me a more even skin tone...minus the freckle mustache.

STEP 3: Cheeks and eyes. I like to use this stick on my eyes even though I'm not sure it's supposed to be used for eyes. It just matches my cheeks and adds just the right amount of color.

STEP 4: Eyeliner

STEP 5: Mascara. I love the Covergirl stuff. Always give me a major boost in the eyelashes department. I have long lashes and I really like to play them up. I do curl them sometimes. I heat up the eyelash curler on my curling iron for a few seconds, then curl my lashes 3 times, one squeeze at the base, middle and tips. It helps give a full curl. 

And that's it! I usually pull my hair into a couple of close, low, messy bun pigtails and twist my bangs back and pin them in the back. Add a pair of cute earrings and DONE!

What beauty products/tips do you swear by??

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