The baby days are over, friends. Yesterday I walked with the boys over to our apt. complex playground. We haven't been there yet because it's filled with wood chips (which sucks for non-walkers) plus, it's a beeotch to get 2 boys down our stairs, in a stroller and over there. 

So I devised a plan.

I put Isaiah in the Ergo on my back and carried Julian, and we walked over to the playground. I wasn't sure how they'd do, the wood chips are weird. They haven't walked around in public with shoes on before. They haven't walked in shoes really at all. 

The playground has a little cement ledge around it and I sat Julian down, and put Isaiah in the wood chips. He didn't stand, just sat and watched everything. They pointed to trees and cars and birds and butterflies. After about 15 minutes of just sitting there I stood Isaiah up on the cement. He just stood there. Julian stayed seated at his little cement perch. 

I was really encouraging them to walk, that you don't just walk inside our house barefoot. And after a little coaxing, Isaiah started to go. And he didn't stop. The kid was ready to explore. The only problem was that I'd stood Julian up at the park bench and he didn't want to go anywhere. He was having shoe issues (still figuring out that they aren't cement blocks). 

I chased Isaiah down and set him in the wood chips where I knew he wouldn't go anywhere and put Julian up in the Ergo on my back. I took Isaiah out of his wood-chip playpen and stood him up on the sidewalk...and followed him all the way home. It took some navigating, some turning him around when he wanted to go all over...but we got back home. And he walked the whole way.

Dude. He looked just like a real kid. A little boy just walking everywhere. It was so awesome. All you people with just one little kid to chase around should count your blessings because there was a moment when I was chasing after Isaiah and saw Julian way across the playground and I realized how not much longer and he will be going the opposite direction.

But it was a fun little adventure. And their first taste of freedom. 

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