In Igbo, Chidi means "God exists." It's Isaiah's middle name and I love the "Chi" part of it because it's the same "Chi" that is in Chikezie's name...meaning "Strength of God". The boys' middle names to me represent a little piece of their daddy and his Nigerian heritage. 

His grandma calls him "Chid" for short. (And his brother Toch for short). 
These days Isaiah loves to lay on the floor. Sometimes it's during a tantrum, but usually he'll just plop down and lay on the floor just for fun. And if he's super cranky all I need to do is lay down on the floor and he'll immediately crawl to me and lay down with me...silent. This boy is really loving his cuddles lately. 

This boy is CURIOUS. He is the first one to reach onto the table to grab anything he can reach, the first to open a drawer and just grab for anything he can get out, he's always reaching. I love it. I hope he keeps reaching his whole life.

...always reaching. My Chidi loves to push boundaries. He's beginning to be less cautious now that he knows how to walk. This is good...but could be bad for me in the future :)

He's into pulling these curls now. Sometimes when he's bored, sometimes when he's upset. I hope it doesn't turn into a habit. I love these sweet curls.

Little man loves his body. He loves to feel his skin when his shirt is off. 

I love this guy. I love that when his brother doesn't want to cuddle with me, he will. I love that he keeps me on my toes with his need to explore everything. When he's upset, he definitely lets me know. 

And being the youngest, he has been the perfect completion to our one minute.

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