When I was younger I used to hate my cheeks. Weird, I know, but I hated them. No matter how thin I was, my cheeks were always full. I always thought they made me look fat. They don't look like anyone in my family's cheeks and I just really disliked them. I've seen a picture of who I think is my biological father....and the cheek/mouth resemblance is almost creepy. It seems like something really insignificant about an appearance, and others have probably never noticed (except Chikezie who likes to poke my cheeks) but it's just something I was really insecure about for a long time. 

I've been over this insecurity for a quite awhile, but I think I've really learned to appreciate them even more now that someone else has them. 
Isaiah is virtually my cheek twin. At least he'll always know where he got them from.

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