bonfire at the beach

Friday the boys and I joined some Oakley friends (after their day of team building activities at the beach..rough, I know) for an evening of fun at Aliso Park Beach in Laguna Beach. The boys made some friends, we listened to the drums of the Laguna Beach drum circle who apparently meets every full moon to play drums all night by the ocean, and sat by the campfire. 

It was a good night. We didn't get home until around 10 and the boys did great the whole night. A little fussing out of Isaiah for a brief period but they were pretty chill boys the whole night. I really am thankful for how mellow they usually are in public. They really just enjoy watching people and sitting quietly in their own element. I know a lot of parents aren't as lucky to have kids that just kind of sit still and behave most of the time so I truly count my blessings when we're out. They have their moments, like any kid, but man I can't thank my lucky stars enough for how easy they make it for us to be out and about.

Isaiah and Daddy.
A new friend Gabriel. One month younger than the dudes...isn't he the CUTEST?
Julian and Daddy.

We got home around 10, smelling like bonfire and loving life. 

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