you guys.

You guys. Seriously? Life is crazy at the moment, hence the reason I haven't been posting as often as usual. And to keep you from being bored of what I'm calling a crazy life, I'll use bullet points to highlight the million things in my brain at the moment. 

  • Since we got rid of pacifiers 2 days ago (this has been our 3rd night w/out a pacifier) the boys go to bed without a peep at night. They only cried the first night! Nap time has been a little trickier (not as long of a nap, taking a long time to get to sleep). But all in all, it was pretty easy!
  • We have so much fun planned for the 4th of July and have visitors coming, there is just so much to do... holy cows it's almost JULY already?? We haven't had any family or friends visit us since last summer. 
  • Today I treated myself to a mani/pedi. I got neon green polish on my toes. Makes me happy. 
  • I'm fairly certain Julian said his first legit word yesterday, "dada". He totally looked right at Chikezie and said Dada. And has been saying it for the past two days now. 
  • ALSO, I think today Isaiah had some kind of walking revelation. All afternoon he was letting go of things and walking half way across the room on his own. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for this. Y'all know how long I've been waiting for them to start walking. You all tell me that they'll do it in good time. But y'all don't have places to go with 2 boys who aren't walking yet. It just makes EVERYTHING more complicated. They're not little babies anymore. 
  • And, I got my first battle wound of motherhood today. While I was taking things out of the dryer, Julian was ticked off at me trying to close the dryer door and slammed the dryer door against my head. Jerk. If you look closely you'll see a red mark in the middle of my forehead. 

  • Also, I got my eyebrows waxed today. It was very necessary. And the girl who did my eyebrows told me out of nowhere "You are so beautiful." She sounded so genuine, and she's cut my hair before so I know she's a pretty genuine person-it was a nice compliment. I don't know if I've heard that recently. And don't my eyebrows look fab?
  • I desperately need new glasses. These are 2 years old, the prescription 3 years old. I have to really squint to see anything from them. Like right now. I'm blind people.
Ok, time to focus on some Mad Men. 

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