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Ok I've been thinking about this for the past couple weeks and I'm finally ready to get it out there. 

I'm seeing way too many people say they're not strong enough to do a certain work out or don't have enough endurance or aren't enough in shape to start some exercise. A lot of you doing the 30 Day Shred think that it's the maximum of your capabilities. Your body is capable of some seriously amazing things. Are you REALLY pushing yourself in your work outs? Because there are a lot of times I catch myself letting my brain get in the way-telling my body it can't do something just because it's uncomfortable. 

Here's an example:
I was working with a trainer for about a year when I lived in Iowa. My progress was slow but I lost quite a bit of body fat and not much weight. I did weight routines with her 3 days a week and did cardio on my own the other days. When I worked out with her, I realized that I'd never really REALLY pushed myself until she started pushing me. There were some days I wanted to cry because I didn't think I could do another rep and I was tired and just wanted to stop. That's when she'd tell me, "Just 2 more" and when I did those two she'd make me do 4 more after that. I'd get so pissed off. 

After an arms work out (especially days I did biceps or shoulders) there were days I couldn't wash my hair in the showers because my arms were so taxed from the lifting I couldn't lift them for more than a few seconds. It hurt to straighten my arms out fully because my biceps were so sore. My legs hurt so bad during the work outs I secretly cussed at her in my head while she was making me do the millions of lunges I did. But after all that work that I thought I couldn't do, there was this ah-ha moment while I was fixing my hair in the mirror. I saw biceps. I wasn't even flexing and I could see definition in my arms which had never happened before.
A small glimpse of said biceps at the wax museum in Hollywood circa 2009. (Next to a really bad version of Arnold)

My point is, you guys CAN do it. I ran a 5k 3 months after the boys were born. I didn't train much for it. I don't really love running. But I did it. Yesterday I did a 1hr circuit training workout video and was dying. I stopped at 30 minutes and rested my legs for a minute and got a drink. If there were moves that hurt or I couldn't do, I stopped for a second or modified the move. 

You guys watch the people on the Biggest Loser doing some insane workouts on tv and they are all extremely overweight and out of shape. They ALWAYS get through the work out because someone is there to tell them they can and to push them through. There is someone holding them accountable. 

You never know unless you try. Don't say you can't do something if you haven't attempted. I'm not in shape. I've done a few work outs in the past week. I'm not in shape at ALL. But that doesn't stop me from pushing myself a little further. 

So all of you saying you need to take it easy during a work out until you get more endurance, or lose more weight or...whatever excuse...what are you afraid of? You sure as hell CAN do it. You may not look like the people in the work out video or the people you see in magazines but your body is capable. You need to let your brain get out of the way and get it on your team.

You need to be your own trainer, yelling at yourself in your head to go past what you think you can. Because chances are, you'll finish. Even if you have to take a break, you'll finish.

To achieve HAVE to get out of your comfort zone. I've heard Jillian Michael's say multiple times "get comfortable with being uncomfortable" and it is entirely true. Change never happens while you're doing what you've always done.

Ok. I'll step off my soap box now.

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