Wordlessish Wednesday: Pots and Pans

I was trying to take some pictures of the boys this morning and a lot of our apartment has really bad lighting. The best lighting is by the windows which are in the front of the living room. Everything else is high ceiling lights and all of our pictures look dark. Because the boys do a lot in the kitchen area, we take a lot of photos away from the window and I can never really edit them right because the lighting just sucks. The flash is always WAY to intense. So I tried this technique I saw Jess talk about on her blog about taking pictures with flash.  I just kind of used a make-shift piece of paper I tore and folded over the flash to get the right lighting and here are the results:

ALL of these photos are SOOC so you can see the difference.

Here is the regular lighting in the kitchen:

This is with the regular flash:

And here's with my little homemade filter:

I think these look pretty good for having used a flash. It lightens the picture enough to see the boys and details better but doesn't wash everything out. I like the warmness if light as well. 

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