to the park

Today we took a walk to a park nearby. I hadn't walked with the boys there yet and according to Google Maps, it was only about a 1.5 mile walk. I forgot the part where it was uphill all the way back. And I must have eaten some bad almonds because I felt like death, sweating all the way home, and feeling nauseaus in general for the next hour. But that's neither here nor there because we had a lot of fun at the park!

We set up shop under a wise and old grandpa tree:

Isaiah's bear even came along. He tends to go everywhere with us. I don't mind.

Julian decided to drink out of my heavy water bottle. Backwash. Mmmm.

And we followed this little guy around for awhile. 

We enjoyed the shade, smelling fresh cut grass and snacking on some goldfish crackers.

The playground was lined with soft white sand. Isaiah tried to take it off one grain at a time.

After touching it once, Julian decided he hated it. He was then frozen in place whining. His curls however, looked magnificent. 

So we found something way cooler than sand...SWINGS! It's hard to find one baby swing somewhere, let alone TWO...together! And at the park closest to our house? It was meant to be.

I took an obligatory twins in one swing picture. It was awkward. They're too big for this shiz.

And then we swung our little hearts out.

And my favorite of the day:
Pure joy. 

Life is good, people. Life is good.

And then I died on our walk home.
The end.

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