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My goal with working out and eating well over the past few months was to confidently post a couple pictures of my swimming suits on the first day of summer. Well, today is the first day of summer! Time to check off a goal! (I'm pre-posting this so I don't chicken out!)

I found these two suits last spring and I felt like a whale in them last year. I'd only had the boys a few months earlier and was about 10lbs heavier than I probably am now. (My scale is gone forever!) I do really like these two suits although it's really hard for me to find a one piece that fits my body. I'm 5'9 but I'm all torso. And my bottom is bigger than my top so if I get a large suit, the bottom is fine and the top is loose. 

I got this suit at Old Navy. It scrunches up around the middle nicely and it's one I wear if I'm with the boys because I don't feel like having a strapless top pulled off in public. (Um, obviously.) I kind of wish it were a different color but I don't mind this I guess. I'm just not much of a purpley person.

And this suit I got at Target. It's one of those that fits the bottom fine but is really loose up top. There is a strap for it....but I'm still trying to locate where that went. It also gets kind of hot in the sun and it's kind of double-layerd which adds to the hotness. But it scrunches at the mid section really well and helps hide a mommy tummy and as always, black is always slimming. I think they actually still sell one like this at Target. 

Now...if we could only get to the beach!  Actually, I'm hoping to get some beach time in over the 4th of July.  What kind of suit are you wearing this summer and where did you find it? I'm always looking for something that fits a little better. 

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