summer is here!

Happy Summer!! Thank Jesus it's finally summer-like weather here! It's supposed to be in the upper 70's-80's all week and the June gloom that plagues our days is gone. I hope. I mean, I don't mind some cloudy days but when you see everyone else around the country enjoying summer and you're stuck with cloudy, cool weather living in Southern California, it just doesn't seem right. To celebrate the warm weather I was finally able to bust out or water table (for only the 2nd time so far). It was just as much a hit as it was the first time.  

Look at these feisty guys. They're getting more and more of an attitude these days. But they played for a good hour and a half in the water. Not a single fight or fit or cry. Nothing but smiles and splashing.

Wearing their new swimming trunks. I seriously hate a lot of little boy swimming gear. It all looks so lame and cheesy-cartooney. Why can't places just sell plain stuff that doesn't cost a billion dollars? These were the best I could find and I actually don't mind them. From Gymboree. They are the same size but Julian's look longer because they are the board-short style. His top doesn't really match but I don't care and neither does he. The tops are from Target. 

Julian's concentration lips.

Isaiah likes to point at me when I get the camera in his face. 

Kid loves to splash.

oh I love baby legs.

The fro was out in full force.

And then this guy had a blast nearly drowning himself drinking out of a cup. Yeah, really fun. 

happy summer, friends!
Sweet Shot Day

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