Steppin' Out

We stepped out for a little bit this afternoon. Nothing special. Just walked around the Spectrum for the first time since we've moved away from there. I forgot two things:

  1. How many women push their boobs up and out and into your face. I guess if you've got it flaunt it but I saw so many boobs today it was kind of ridiculous.
  2. How much attention twins get around large groups of people. I forgot how many comments we get and if we weren't carefully avoiding eye contact like we dominated at today, we would have been stopped a lot.
Anyways. Then we went to eat at some restaurant, some bar and grill place, I forget the name and it doesn't matter. It sucked so hard. The waiter was the most annoying kind of waiter; the one that doesn't let you finish talking before he leaves. It's not like he was busy, we were the only people there in a good majority of the restaurant for like 20 minutes. He didn't even ask if the boys wanted anything to drink before he left to get ours, didn't consider ordering for them first and we'd gotten our appetizer before he even asked us for our actual orders. What the heck?

The kids menu was stupid. Didn't include fries or fruit or anything. I ordered the boys some cheese pizza, thinking it would come as a mini baby size pizza. No, it was basically just a small pizza on a plate. They brought it out and didn't even bring plates for the boys with it. What the heck? Every time we'd tell the waiter we wanted something, before we could tell him something else he'd be gone lol. Or he'd ask how we were doing and leave before we could answer. I was a waitress for awhile after college and dude...that's not how you get tips. You need to get in good with the kids. Be overly friendly and basically kiss our asses the whole time. That's how I got good tips. I was smiley, bubbly, made jokes, apologetic when things were slow, I did pretty darn good. I'm not harsh on waiters now but I know when they care. You aren't entitled to tips. Your job is to sell yourself. Even if the food is shitty and the waiter is awesome I still give a great tip. 

But I digress. Here are some photos.

Another one of Chikezie's attempts to take a photo of me in an outfit. He doesn't like doing it.

Dress: Goodwill yesterday! (Old Navy brand) $4
Sunnies: Target
Sandals: Same as always-Target

Julian was dressed just like Steve from Blues Clues. He was pretty feisty today.
Shirt: Target
Shorts: Children's Place

Isaiah was sweet all day long. 

Shirt and Shorts: Children's Place

J looks good in green.

Right before Chikezie told me to stop taking their pictures. But they look so cute! 

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