Sorry I had nothing for you guys today. Actually, I'm not sorry. 

I was playing with my 15 month olds!! I like to celebrate month birthdays. 

We've been reading and giggling and clapping and singing and yeah some fighting and whining, too.

I guess they're supposed to have a doctor check up soon huh? Should probably get on scheduling that one.

Anyways. I'm off to enjoy my not-so-babies for the rest of the evening. And possibly take some more ibuprofin because of my ALREADY soreness from THIS workout this morning. An hour of pure torture, shaking muscles, me thinking "Oh GOD" every time Bob says "ok, now pick up your weights" and not being able to lift my arms up afterward. The best work out I've gotten since I worked with a trainer a couple years ago and couldn't wash my hair in the shower at the gym because my arms were so taxed from lifting. And I was in good shape then. So this is good.

Happy Friday, friends!

Oh, and people doing the 30 Day Shred challenge- PROTEIN after your work outs. And a little bit of carbs to replace what you burned or your body is going to feed off of your muscle. No, you're not going to get crazy ripped muscles because of this. You're helping your body build muscle that is both smaller and weighs more than fat...but burns more calories while at rest. You want muscle. PROTEIN after your work outs!

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