We've been pretty lucky as far as sicknesses go. We've had a couple of fevers here and there and one cold. 

This is what it looked like at our first cold looked like a couple months ago:

And this is kind of what is happening today. However, surprisingly not too fussy. Just a lot of snot. And tired eyes. Poor guys. I wish they knew how to blow their noses. It would make it a whole lot easier. And to be honest, I don't always use a kleenex. Sometimes the end of mama's shirt is the closest and easiest way to wipe a runny nose. And so today I'm covered in dried baby snot. 

Right now they're on their second nap of the day which usually doesn't happen so I know they're tired. I'm hoping we get this out of our system because we're meeting up with Summer and Stephanie on Friday. And snotty nosed dudes, although still cute, aren't the most fun.

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