Paper Mama Challenges

I know, my third post today! I'm just trying to get caught up!

Here are my two entries for the current Paper Mama Photo of which has some kick ass prizes.

Neither are NEW pictures, but both good ones.

Your Best Shot (of a child)
This may not be the best photo I've ever taken but it is probably one of my favorites. Julian sitting like he always does, Isaiah bothering him. Their big hair. The pj's. Having a sibling to grow up with (even if they're bothering you) is something I never had because I was an only child for a lot of my childhood. I love photos of them interacting together. And darn it, they're just so stinking cute.

Enter your photo in this challenge-there are some sweet prizes up for grabs!
The Paper Mama

Another oldie, but a goodie. This is my family. My three boys. 

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