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I never pay full price for clothes. Ok, I won't say NEVER, but a LOT of the time I buy things on sale. Or I find some sweet stuff at Goodwill. Here in Orange County, Goodwill has some really nice stuff. Well, a lot of Goodwills have nice things if you are willing to take the time to dig through everything. So every now and then I like to spend a Saturday afternoon going through the racks of Goodwill looking for cute stuff for super cheap. The dresses are usually $7.99, Shirts $5.99. And depending on what color tag you have, it's half off. This weekend yellow tags were half off, and everything I got had a yellow tag. 

Here are some of my recent finds from Goodwill:

Old Navy dress. This has pockets that are sewn shut that kind of puff out at the hips. I'm going to cut them out I think.

Roxy dress

This tunic. I don't know the brand. Mossimo for Target maybe. I got this one for like $1 because there was a huge rip in the side seam. It was so simple just to sew shut and now it's as good as new.

Old Navy dress

F21 tunic. The belt was missing so I added my own. Chikezie thinks this looks grandma-ish? I think he associates everything I have with flowers to look matronly. Whatever. Grandmas are cool.

This tank top, I don't know the brand. 

Brand new Nike workout tank top. 

Vintagey blouse. I used my own belt. The sleeves are layered and really cute and you can't see it but there is a cute flower stitching on the left side. Chikezie also thinks this looks grandma-ish. Well, it is kind of old and probably did belong to a grandma. 

AND I found these two goodies on the clearance rack at Target this weekend for $4.98 each!

I would guess TOTAL for all this stuff I spent $50. Some of the things look brand new or were brand new with tags still on them. If I really look I can also find really cute stuff for the boys although I'd like to go to a couple kids consignments around here because the Goodwill doesn't have as much. AND I've found some really nice t-shirts in the men's section for Chikezie. As well as so many kid's books. When the boys kind of beat up all the cardboard books we have now it's nice knowing I only paid a couple bucks for them.

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