morning with twins

You know those mornings you just feel so extremely productive? And it just makes you feel like a good mom? That's how I felt this morning. Those people that say a clean house is a sign of a wasted life are lying. A clean house is a sign of a productive morning. 

People have asked me what life is like with twins. How do I do it all day? Well, here's a little snapshot of our morning:
  • Julian was my alarm at 7:00 am on the dot. Isaiah was surprisingly still asleep so I got Julian up and we sat on the couch while I struggled to keep my eyes open. Julian played with the remote, pointing it at the tv like we do thinking he could do whatever it is we do with the remote. 
  • Shortly after we heard Isaiah awake, I got him up, got both boys sippy cups of warm milk and some cereal to snack on while I made them some breakfast smoothies. I decided this morning we weren't doing pacifiers today. Only while sleeping. So, for the first hour or two of the morning there was a lot of fussing and whining and fighting and crying. 
  • Meanwhile I made Chikezie lunch and a breakfast smoothie for him. When he left for work, I changed the boy's diapers, and we played with legos for awhile. When they were content I unloaded the dishwasher, put away clean dishes on the counter, loaded up dirty dishes from the sink and breakfast. I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom; stove, microwave, floors, cupboard doors...everything.
a clean kitchen. Look at all that fruit! (and a boy drinking his smoothie)
  • I started a load of laundry, got myself dressed and put away some of our laundry upstairs until I heard boys fighting downstairs. I got out the pots and pans and tupperware and they played for at least an hour putting lids on everything. 
as clean as the laundry closet gets. I put the dirty clothes in the dark basket...and it's EMPTY! 

  • I finally made myself some coffee and had a banana. Started a load of diapers in the washer. Opened the front door so the boys could play on the patio for a few minutes. It's only in the 60's here right now so they came in because it was a little cool. 
pots and pans and toys everywhere. boys chugging smoothies. 
  • They drank some more of their smoothies and I refilled with some water and they continued to much on cereal and play in the kitchen until they started to get fussy. We read books for a few minutes and then I decided it was time for nap. I changed diapers again and I laid them down for morning nap by 10:30
Sometimes the best way to read a book is on top of it.

Here I am now. Two boys asleep. I'm drinking my coffee. After I laid them down I spot cleaned the carpet in the living room because no matter how much I try, two little boys equals spots on carpet. 

And they didn't have their pacifiers until I laid them down for nap. There was more fussing than usual but I think the no pacifiers actually helped me be a better mom this morning. Instead of "shutting them up" with the paci, because it's usually what they want when they're upset, we solved problems and got through it. And the most amazing thing happened...while I was changing Isaiah's diaper and he was screaming mad at me, Julian crawled over and put his puppy in Isaiah's face. Laughter! Isaiah giggled and Julian kept doing it. Thanks, brother for giving mama a break. 

I'm not usually THAT busy in the mornings but it goes a lot like this every day. I don't know any different so this seems like normal to us. And they'll wake up in a couple hours and we'll do it all over again!

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