Mondays Are Awesome Vol. 2

That's right. Mondays ARE awesome. I'm determined to start your week off on a fun note. This week we're going to get to know the fun side of Don from Adeline's Daddy. Don is kind of awesome. And by kind of I mean totally. He looks like such an awesome daddy and he managed to nab a smokin' cute wifey. Together they made Adeline. And well, you can only imagine how awesome she turned out. Oh wait, you can't...well check them out:

See? Super cute. Adeline-you're my kind of girl.

Don Naylor, 34 (recently turned, I'm still clinging to my early 30's), Troy New York

Kids/spouses names/ages: 
My Daughter Adeline is about to turn 7 months old (man, where does the time go?), My Wife Rachel ( is a very youthful and often confused for a teen, 30 years old. We have 3 cats, that at times are the bane of my existence, and others are my buddies, they are Radio, Pip and Fafi.

    What would be your dream job? 
    I've recently left my job of a long time to work more from home on designing and all of the random projects that I always get myself into. I'm hoping to work up to some of the Many Dream jobs that I have… um… dreamed about. I started writing a book 4 moths ago, and it seems that I barely ever make time to move on it. That is definitely a dream that I have had, writing a book, being a published author… and actually making money off of it, sounds like a dream job to me. 

    Name a secret talent. 
    Well, I try not to keep secrets, but not many people outside of Addy and Rach get too see my beatbox, and I kinda kill it. Doesn't seem very like me, but I've done it since I was in elementary school. skera-era-fresh.

    Pet peeves...I know you have them. 
    Hmmm, I don't like being late… especially when my wife is taking too long to get ready (sorry hun) : )

    What is one of your bad habits?  
    When I start working on something, I tend to make a wide radius of mess and carnage. If I am working on some art… forget-about-it, there is paper clippings, colored pencils, brushes and, markers and anything else you can think of thrown everywhere. I guess this applies to when I'm doing something around the house "I want to fix the ding in this wall"… so what if I got plaster and dust everywhere, that wall is smooth as a baby's bum bum.

    What is something bad you did when you were a kid? 
    For some reason a particular thing just popped into my head, which is strange because it was around 27 or so years ago. I was at a store with my mom and a neighborhood friend and his mom. The Parents asked us kids to go check out a certain area of the store for a little. I was walking around the store exploring and stumbled upon my mom and my friends mom, being sneaky and secretive. I caught them picking up a birthday gift for my friend. They saw me and told me not to tell him. I turned around and immediately when went back to him and told him exactly what they were up to. The moms were pissed, what a little jerk I was.

    Best concert you've been to. 
    I've been to so many good shows. I'll mention one stand out… Rachel and I drove to NYC to see Iron and Wine at Webster Hall. It was a beautiful night, early winter, a light snow was falling. We got a great parking spot, walked hand in had throughout the beautiful light dusting. Even got to the show in perfect time. The venue was awesome. The opening band was a ultra roots blues/ folk southern old dude band, which ruled. The Tour was Calexico / Iron and Wine in support of their collaboration record, which is rad! It was an awesome eclectic feel the whole night, with traditional mexican singers, tons of instruments you don't often see live, and my wife cuddled up next to me. We had an awesome spot to see everything, it was just all around great.

    What is the best thing about you? 
    Kinda of hard things to answer, let me ask my wife… She said "Hmmm… you're willingness to make your family happy, and if I can say a second thing, how much you make me laugh (which is a lot)". Man, I thought it was my manly biceps.

    Have you met anybody famous? If not, who would you like to meet?
    I've met a lot of "famous" people that you may not have heard of. I have been involved in the music industry for a long time and have met tons of bands. Mostly cult following type of bands, not everyone would know their name, but the people that do are pretty stoked on them. But, in the realm of real fame, I would love to meet Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel)… damn how cool with that be, I forgot to ask, is this supposed to be something that is possible, or is it anything goes?

    Name something you love and something you absolutely despise. 
    I love the fact that I always feel like I can see good in a situation and be positive… which makes me not really despise things… just not really love them so much.

    Your drink of choice. (Preferably alcoholic...but if you don't drink that's cool, too) 
    I actually don't drink alcohol.. but I get loose with a chai latté very often.

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    Happy Monday, friends.

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