meetup at the aquarium

Today the dudes and I met up with Stephanie from Polos Pearls and Pacifiers and Summer from The Crosbie Crew and their little munchkins for a day at the Legoland Sealife Aquarium. 

I met Stephanie at the Queen Bee Market a few weeks ago and she was so nice to come pick up the dudes and I before we headed out. And yes, we fit all THREE car seats in the back seat. And two strollers. I was sweaty by the time it was over but we had our little school bus and were ready for a field trip!

Here are some photos from our day:

Hallie and Isaiah ready to hit the road.

group shot! My shirt is clearly flattering me from all angles. Eesh. Thanks a lot, WIND.

meet n greet.

Looking at the fishies in the dark.

look at the faces on those two!

Hudson is seriously a cutie. And almost stole some goods from the gift shop. Exact quote from Summer as he ran out of the store with something he was trying to show her "OH SWEET BABY JESUS!". He was so innocent - it was too cute.

unedited pic of the boys looking up at the fishies.

Another unedited picture of the jellyfish. The best i could get-these things are hard to get a good picture of! They're my absolute favorite though. So beautiful.

What Parker thought of the dudes. Just kidding! They're friends. It was just time to go home. The boys look beastly huge. And they're a month younger than Parker. I think they're about the same height but look at how huge the boys' feet and legs look! And don't even get me started on their giant heads. I never know how big the boys are until I see them next to other kids around their same age. Linebackers maybe?

And on the car ride home, before everyone passed out, Julian decided to make a new friend. DYING.  

Look how he looks at her. And she's all cool in her sunglasses. Like yeah, you're lucky I'm letting you hold my hand. And he was clearly the one doing the holding. STUD.

We had such a fun time. Although the hallways were narrow, there were too many people with strollers and not enough people paying attention, it was still a good time. I've made friends! This blog has been so awesome and I'm so grateful to have met some cool people so far!

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