life lately

We've been MIA this week enjoying life. Enjoying my boys. Taking walks. Doing laundry. Taking care of sick boys. And now disinfecting my house from sick boys. Or they may have been teething, I'm not sure. They seem to be doing a lot better today.

And I've been trying to remember to take some visual documentation of our lives. Although I haven't really felt like taking any pictures lately.  Here's what we've been up to:
A never ending to-do list. 

A sink of clean toys. Yes, even you Luigi. 

The toy cleaner I use. I feel bad I don't wash their toys as much as I should. I can just imagine all the baby germs on everything.

Some nice cases of bed hair.

This is why dudes aren't walking. Because we flip over the walker and play with the wheels instead.

Crusty noses.

Reading bedtime books with daddy.

Going on walks and playing with our new stuffed dinosaurs.

Trying to do some sewing.

A little bit of angry eyes.

A LOT of laundry.

Taking off our diapers. 
(Watching a flickr slideshow that automatically plays on our apple tv when there's nothing playing. They like to point to the pictures of me and daddy.)

And of course, continuing to make messes to keep mama busy. 

Oh, and today is supposed to be the link up for the 30 day shred. And I don't even feel right linking up this week because I didn't work out all week! It's not like I didn't have time. I just felt sick for a couple days and honestly didn't really feel like it after that. I'd start a video and be half-assing it and figure it was better to just do it when I felt better about it. 

But I've gotten rid of my scale in the past week and you guys, I've felt better about myself this past week than I have in months worrying about that damn number on the scale. I feel like it's one less worry right now and even though I wasn't working out I feel good about myself.  

So anyways. That's what's going on right now.

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