I'm free!

No more voting! This is now a vote FREE blog! I'll never ask you guys to vote for anything ever again. This change has been spawned by the recent resetting of numbers at Top Baby Blogs. And to be honest...100% honest, Top Baby Blogs is my #1 outside traffic source to my blog that I didn't link to myself. Crazy, huh? Being up on the front page gets you a lot of traffic.

And we all say this when numbers are reset or some new contest comes up, that we hate asking for votes. And we do. But we want to be popular. We want more people to visit our site. We want to make new friends, get new followers, get more opportunities. I know. We all have different goals for our blogs. (Those of us who have them.) And I guess I'm just tired of asking for things. It doesn't make me feel good and I always feel a little embarrassed asking. 

I just want to be rid of it all. It feels like such a burden. I feel like I'm employed by these people telling me I need votes. You're not the boss of my blog, Top Baby Blogs and other sites asking me to get votes. I'm the boss. And I started this blog as an outlet, as a baby journal for myself and for the boys to one day see, and as a place for me to be creative. I've met some very cool ladies through the blog and I hope to continue to do so, just in a different way. 

I'm in no way putting down any of you who participate in this, obviously because I've been doing it. I'll still visit all of your blogs and will vote for all of you when summoned! I just won't be on your side of the fence anymore. 

I'm freeee! (and you are too!)

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